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quick update

this is merely a reason for me to procrastinate. you see, i’m currently in the midst of exam period and while people are clearing their papers, i’ve yet to complete one paper. i can’t wait to get the papers done and fly home! that’s not to say i’m particularly prepared but i’m pretty confident i’ll do alright.

so its going to be a crazy week or so and then soon it will be back to hot and humid sg. ahh, how i love home.


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So its been a couple of months since i’ve come onto wordpress. Loads have happened in between november and april. I’ve completed a stint at Standard Chartered and it was a fulfilling experience. I came away with plenty of new skills that will serve me well in the future and I had a good glimpse of what working in a corporate environment was like.

I also spent my 3-month long holiday back home in Singapore. 3 months seems like a long time initially but little did I know how time would pass. Before I knew it, it was almost time for me to head back to Sydney, which is where I am now.

The new semester is almost two months old and I’m in the midst of the busy period. Tests and assignments are never far away and as of this time of writing, i’m a mere hour and a half away from taking my 2nd test in 2 days.

Time has really past by very quickly in recent months. I hope this continues so I can go home and be with my family and friends quickly.

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All I feel like doing now

Is to punch something and scream at the top of my voice.

Pent-up frustration is the worst kind of frustration. The source of frustration being unknown just makes everything worse.

Its one of those days where everything is annoying and frustrating. All I wanna do is scream. Scream so loud until my lungs ache in agony. Punch the walls till my knuckles bleed.

Typing this scares me. I wonder where this violent streak came from. Perhaps, it has been in me all along.

Today has not been a good day.

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2 down, 2 to go

as i approach the end of my first semester as an undergraduate, i am going to set the record straight. there is no chance whatsoever of A levels being tougher than university.

sure, A levels were tough. no one’s taking that away from any A level students out there. it probably was the hardest exam i’ve ever taken and it was probably the most stressful period of my life. however, university’s much tougher because of one very crucial factor. self-study.

the amount of self-study i’ve done this semester is by far the most i’ve ever done in all my years of education. back then while i was struggling with my a levels, there were teachers available who were willing to give up their time for small group or even 1-on-1 consultations. it was a shame that i never tapped into that kind of resource. in university, its almost impossible to seek consultation. lecturers only see you for about 2 hours a week, delivering the “sermon” for the week and that’s about it. their consultation hours are usually 2 hours or so on certain days and its not easy to secure consultations with them. just think about the student/tutor ratio.

a levels may have been tough in the sense that the questions were more difficult to answer and less direct whereas university exams are slightly more straightforward. however, the rate of learning required is significantly higher and a lot more diligence is required. there won’t be someone chasing you for your tutorial if you decide not to do it.

in that sense, i guess university is a lot harder than a levels. anyway, 2 more exams to go. statistics and accounting. not my favourite subjects but i’m not feeling too stressed about it.

probably because this time next week i’ll be home!

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its been a crazy few months. it barely seemed that long ago when i touched down with my luggage in tow at 6 in the morning. in a blink of an eye, its almost time to go home.

i’ve had a good time. the past few months have been quite an experience. living alone in a foreign country can be intimidating for some but i enjoyed it. coping with my studies has been a challenge. having not hit the books for close to 3 years, it has taken me quite some time to get going again and even up till now, while i’m in the midst of my final exams, i doubt i’m at my peak performance.

i’ve made a few good friends. i guess that’s the benefits of living in a college. you get to meet new people and interact with them and it definitely helped me ease into life abroad. sometimes it almost feels as if i never left home.

but at the end, home is where the heart is. having been away for the past 4 months, i can’t wait to get back home to share my new experiences with my family and friends and be around familiar surroundings again. i’m sure many people who are away from home share the same feelings as i.

9 more days to home!

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Wayne “Judas” Rooney

When I first received news that Fergie has told the world that Wayne Rooney has decided he wants to leave Manchester United, i was in utter shock and disbelief. The man who most thought would lead the Red Devils to a new era of success, the man whose name the Old Trafford faithful chanted week in week out, despite his recent poor performances and private indiscretions wants to leave the very club that gave him the success and recognition that he has received. What would possess him to do that?

It actually played on my mind for a good few hours. I couldn’t pinpoint one good reason that he would have had to choose this path. Is it for the money? Possibly but probably not the biggest factor. Is it because he deems United to be a sinking ship? Also possible but we’re not doing as bad as Liverpool are we?

I’m still absolutely baffled as to why it has come to this. But then, no individual is bigger than the club. If the man wants to leave, there is no point holding on to him. The real kick in the balls for most United fans must be the way he has utterly disregarded the club and the manager with his recent conduct. He may be a really good player but he’s not world class as some make him out to be. United will survive without him, as they are already doing.

The issue at hand now is where the money of his eventual sale will go to. Will it be used to service the debt that the Glazers have built up? Or will it be used to purchase players to strengthen the squad? All United fans will sincerely hope its the latter. We have shown ourselves to be severely lacking in quality in the middle of the park and when Rooney leaves, we will need another striker to replace him.

I do not believe this marks the decline of United. Undoubtedly what goes up must come down eventually, but continual success is not impossible either. This could, in fact, spark a wave of changes that might rejuvenate the club and eventually lead it to success once again. Maybe not this season, maybe not even the next. But teams have to be rebuilt and this is just another time where the team is in transition. Let’s just hope that we won’t be in limbo for too long.

So Rooney, you can take your Shrek face and bugger off elsewhere. If you do not want the club, the club does not want you either. There’s no two ways about it. It was nice having you around and you had a splendid season last year. Pity you have decided to make this rash and possibly costly decision to leave the club. I wish I could wish you well in your future endeavours but after the way you’ve gone about handling this issue, all I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE.

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“A levels is tougher than University. Trust me.”

whoever uttered those famous lines must have been very mad or an a level student.

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a decent article about our Minister Mentor. and I have to concur with most of what he has said. i have the utmost respect for this man and what he has done for our country. he has given his life to make what Singapore is today and i think it would have been unimaginable to most who lived 50 years ago to think that Singapore would be what it is today and its mostly down to the work of this man.

i share his fear that the youth of today (yes i know that includes me) will take what he has built for granted and, for the sake of greater freedom of speech/expression, jeopardize the security that the country boasts today. we want greater political freedom and the lot but is that really what is ideal for the country? i think the ruling party have done a more than decent enough job and honestly speaking, the opposition parties are less than convincing more often than not, no matter from which angle i look at it.

its not as if we are being run by a government of corrupt officials. its not a perfect system but its pretty close isn’t it? while we may not agree with certain policies but the general feel is that our country has been moving forward and not back and i’m sure thats a clear enough indication that there is not much wrong done by those making the decisions.

the only thing i’m not sure about is what will happen when MM Lee eventually goes. the man knows he hasn’t got many years left. our Prime Minister has done a good job thus far but lets face it, its always harder to maintain momentum than to generate it. as long as the man is still serving in some capacity, i just have this niggly feeling that he is still the go-to guy when it comes down to the really tough decisions.

however, that’s merely speculation on my part. i sincerely hope with all my heart that we will find enough brilliant minds from our current crop of youth who have the ability and opportunity to ensure we don’t ruin the solid foundation on which our country is already on.

on a side note, i do believe this is the most serious article that i’ve written EVER.

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time flies doesn’t it? i can hardly believe it has been more than a month since i left sunny Singapore and started university. i haven’t really missed home yet. there’s a strange familiarity that i have about this place. everything about sydney seems really similar to home.

i was walking along darling harbour last night and it was just so strikingly obvious how similar it was to our very own clarke quay area. a cosmopolitan backdrop with low-rise buildings along the river bank that house cafes and restaurants.

i guess i could have a second home.

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stuck in translation

i’ve been struggling with writing for a very long while now. i used to be able to articulate my thoughts and feeling with ease and, dare i say, a certain amount of skill. but that is now long gone and i’m struggling to translate my thoughts into coherent sentences. i know i’m unduly depressed/worried about this but it is something that bugs the hell out of me.

there is just something therapeutic about being able to write down exactly what you feel and what you think and when i’m unable to do that, i get very annoyed.

very very annoyed.

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